IBM 訊息中心亂碼解決

IBM Message Center appeared to have the wrong character-set/charset on my computer, so the words turned out to be like a mess, and I could not read the Chinese messages it gave me. In order to correct this, I went to IBM to download the program (IBM Message Center) again and reinstalled it, but nothing changed.

Since it’s like the problem I often see on IE, I had an idea to fix that. Just open the file: c:program filesIBMMessage By IBMmessage_t.html, change the encode/charset to BIG5, terminate the “IBM Message Center" manually from the sys-tray, and re-execute it (IBM Message Center) from your program list. You will find that the words in the Center are changed back to traditional Chinese, that’s the way, uh ha, uh ha!


打開 c:program filesIBMMessage By IBMmessage_t.html ,重新選擇編碼為 big5 碼,按右鍵關掉系統常駐列中的訊息中心,然後重新在程式集裏面再重新執行 Access IBM Message Center 即可。



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