The Criteria for Selecting Video Materials

The Criteria for Selecting Video Materials
Unit One in Headway Video – Elementary

# Authentic situation being applied
This will help students to have real experience of language use.
Headway Video-Elementary is a great example because it uses a lot of real-life situations, for example, buying tickets, to help students to cope with the real world.
# Setting of the scenes
Using interesting and beautiful locations can interests students.
I have observed that the video uses a lot of beautiful s
# Appropriateness
There is no violence of dirty words involved in the video, so it’s fine to apply to secondary school students.
It also uses a lot of funny conversation to help students to move on.
# Length of the video
10-15 minutes unit of video is suitable for teachers to apply some activities to students.
# Vocabulary / Word Choices
Basic words should be carefully chosen to fit students’ needs.
# Grammar
Simple structures can be used in video materials.
# Culture issues
It is nice to have culture issues in the material.
For example, we can know that prices in London are high through the video.
# Visual support
This is what the extract stands for. Student must be provided enough visual clues to help language learning.
# Speech delivery (speed, accent, clarity)
Different target viewers should have different needs of speech delivery.
# Repetition of a linguistic feature
Possessive adjectives have been used quite often in the video.
# Target viewers
We have to think about it before selecting appropriate videos.
# Content of the extract used in class should be independent
# Availability
Some videotapes are too expensive for a teacher to buy. Finding a suitable supplier of videotapes and related books is crucial.
# Books for students (activity book, students book)
Books should make good use of the content and provide materials for students to review and exercise.
The book is useful for practicing.
# Books for Teachers
It has a detailed video guide to provide teachers some insight into the procedure of teaching. It helps teachers to better organize the course.

Target readers:
# Secondary school students, aged 12-15 in Taiwan
# Beginners



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