I have the same problems

I read " “iPod and iTune 4.7.1 problems":http://feeds.feedburner.com/BenHammersleysDangerousPrecedent?m=228 ," and that post reminds me I had the same problems a week ago. I also found “a lot of people":http://discussions.info.apple.com/webx?14@886.4RmQaIZIJ8U.4@.efb9261 have the same/similar problems.

My system is winxp and I use a 10G ipod. First, iTunes didn’t recognize my ipod and then I unplug and re-plug it to my computer. The ipod just crashed and read its disk without stopping…

Just like “Ben":http://www.benhammersley.com/weblog/index.html , I pressed “menu" and “play" buttons for five (or more?) seconds to force it off. Then, I downloaded the ipod updater to solve its problems. I re-synced it, iTunes just crashed and brought me a blue windows screen of death. Later, I found all songs in my ipod were gone!

Well, I just re-sync it again and now everything is back to normal. I think there should be something wrong with the coding of iTunes 4.7.1.


對「I have the same problems」的一則回應

  1. 酋長老師
    我覺得您真的很認真 因為您在電腦資訊方面也頗有研究我仔細看了您這篇文章(哈 可以訓練我的英語閱讀 不過我看得懂^^")我覺得您可以透過您的Blog 您可以和許多人來討論 因為我發現針對某些問題除了不少人可以得到很好的資訊來源 您也可以和很多人討論您遇到的問題唷 這是我小小的意見 請校吶*^^*

  2. 作這些只是興趣,談不上認真。 ^^




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