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Webhead 這個網上社群很有趣,每年都會舉辦網上大拜拜,我來留學後透過教授和九四一老師,才知道有這個可愛的組織,有興趣的英語教師可以點選上面的連結來多加了解這個社群。


目前我有加入 evonline2002_webheads 這個 Yahoo Group. 也有定期收他們的feed,每天都幾乎有人上去聊些科技上或教學上的問題,十分有趣。不過 yahoo group 的似乎有時候會當掉,我之前有一次的留言有時候有出現,有時候又消失,有點不穩定就是了。不過就吸收新知而言,是有幫助的。

另外他們也跟Tapped In這個組織有合作辦一些活動……還是這兩組人馬根本就是同一批人的? 我現在還不大清楚。 tappedin 的介面我不大喜歡,容易在裏面迷路。

<update 20050705>
有人寫出 webhead 的簡介,我貼在下面。節錄自 “http://groups.yahoo.com/group/evonline2002_webheads/message/10019″:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/evonline2002_webheads/message/10019 的討論串。

From: Candace Pauchnick
Date: Tue Jul 5, 2005 7:04 am
Subject: Webhead brief description pauchnick
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Dear Dan and Vance,
I wrote a brief description of what I understand the Webheads to be and posted
in on my web page. I have told my colleagues at my high school about the group
and felt I needed an overall description of who they are. I am a newbie with
this organization so really am not qualified to give a full description of every
aspect of this organization but if you want to use any part of what I wrote
please feel free to do so. I sure hope I have my information, correct. I took
parts of pieces of your information, Vance, from your papers. Please let me
know if I have made any mistakes in any of my comments. I would also appreciate
any improvements to what I wrote, too.
Here is my Webhead Description:

Webheads is a world-wide, cross-cultural, strong and vibrant online-community of
educators with an open enrollment for anyone who wants to join. It was
created in 1997-8 by Vance Stevens, in Abu Dhabi, and Michael Coghlan, in
Australia, for ESL learners and facilitators as a student-teacher community. It
has expanded to a myriad of educators involved in e-learning in TESOL EVOnline
(Electronic Village) and other types of language or cultural-based curriculum.
Webheads meet online regularly and use the latest synchronous and
non-synchronous communications technologies, including video and voice, to
demonstrate and explore new innovative ideas for e-learning and classroom
curriculum. These educators also display a deep warmth and dedication to
helping others. They are evolutionary and enterprising scholars who are
harmonious and know how to have a lot of fun.




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