Wiki Technology and Taiwanese EFL Teacher-Learners

MA Dissertation:
Title: Wiki Technology and Taiwanese EFL Teacher-Learners
Date: Aug. 2005
Author: C. Chiou
University of Newcastle upon Tyne


As the Internet is seen as a huge knowledge repository and a place for communication, an EFL teacher can make use of it to get teaching resources or learn how to teach from others. A new kind of server-side software called ‘wiki’ can be used to construct a collaborative website for teacher-learners (those teachers who want to learn how to improve their teaching) to share their teaching ideas, materials, and experiences on the Internet. With wiki technology, teacher-learners can write or edit webpages collaboratively with others; however, some researchers point out some factors may affect the effectiveness of online learning. In addition, the question about whether wiki-powered websites can help EFL teacher-learners learn about TESOL issues remains unanswered in current literature. Therefore, the main aim of the study is to describe how Taiwanese EFL teacher-learners use a collaborative wiki to help their professional development and how they think about and react to the new technology. A wiki called ‘TESOL Taiwan’ was constructed by the present researcher in order to ask Taiwanese EFL teacher-learners to participate. Tracking data provided by the wiki system was collected during the three-week participation period, and further data from questionnaires, think-aloud protocols, and interviews were collected after their participation in order to ensure triangulation of the study. The data show that the participants generally thought that the new type of website was easy for them and effective in helping them to write collaboratively. They generally agreed that articles on the wiki were of high quality and helpful for them to learn about issues in the TESOL field. However, the teacher-learners think interaction among the users on the wiki was insufficient and their teaching techniques were not improved after their participation. Overall, the wiki was a good collaboration tool for sharing thoughts and teaching materials, so other virtual communities could make use of this new technology to help their members achieve professional development.

Keywords: TESOL, EFL, ELT, teaching, teacher, teacher-learner, wiki, website, teacher development, professional development, collaboration, CoPs, VCoPs, virtual community.


2006/02/20 Update: If you would like to read this disseration in full text, please leave a message below (including your email address). I will email the file to you.



雖然我不知道是否能以此論文在十至十一月間通過審查,以順利拿到碩士的畢業證書,但是這總是我的心血,所以在此和大家分享,如果您有急需要看全文,您可以在下面留言,並留上你的 email 信箱,我會寄全文 pdf 檔給妳。

如果順利在十二月拿到碩士學位,我再放全文的 pdf 檔在這個網站上給大家公開下載。

2006/02/20 更新:

# 我目前已拿到碩士學位,需要看全文,您可以在下面留言,並留上你的 email 信箱,我會寄全文 pdf 檔給妳。
# 目前論文中所提到的協作 wiki 網站由本人繼續維護,網址在


對「Wiki Technology and Taiwanese EFL Teacher-Learners」的一則回應

  1. Hi, glad to see you here, venny.

    Actually I was planning to write about that wiki in my dissertation, but I did not do that.

    I have sent the file to you. Please check your email box.

    And thank you for your encouragement. 🙂

  2. I would very much like to see your thesis. I visited your wiki, and was very glad to see its contents.
    Yours, with Best regards, Boyd Davis

  3. Hi, Thanks for your sharing.

    I am much interested in your dissertation.

    Would you please send it to me as well.


  4. Hi:

    I am very honored to see your abstract,which also intertests me very much, because I am doing a study on web-based collaborative environment. Would you like to share your thesis ?

    Best wished to you!


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