dot Sub 的影片字幕服務


dot Sub 可以為影片加上字幕,上面是其中一個例子,這個示範可以用來作聽力教學,例如老師可以切換到 no sub 的版本先叫學生聽寫,若有翻譯好的中文版,還可以當解答。現在的學生和老師真幸福。





對「dot Sub 的影片字幕服務」的一則回應

  1. I quite like the way he introduce his post using an edited video file. I can see there’s a huge potential in the area of L2 learning and teaching. I think I’ve got another interesting research topic for my post doc again! step into the issue of what he calls “common craft show", I would like to see its application in a higher education and make students “craft" it as their collaborative project. What do you think??
    I’m now in my research office and it’s two hours before I get into my viva room. Wish me good luck!!

  2. I like the video common craft show makes, but I think it’s better to have him speak a little bit slower.

    I would like your project to come true soon. That must be very interesting. So good luck with your viva, lad, be quick to be back to Taiwan to have your dreams come true. 🙂


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