Export all the page names on your Mediawiki-powered Wiki

上次看到 MediaWiki:Google Sitemaps跟 planetoid 有同樣的想法,可以藉由更改這個 php 程式來作出所有頁面的清單。planetoid 的程式好像拿掉了,今天我把之前的程式備份稍加更改了,讓它能夠自動換行,也在 php 上面加上了說明。

這個方便輸出所有頁面名稱的 php 程式可以在這裏下載: 請按這裏下載

下載 list.phps 後,請將之改名為 list.php ,放在 Mediawiki 系統的根目錄下即可運作。在 browser 中拜訪這個 list.php 頁面就可以得到所有的頁面名稱。再把所有頁面名稱放到 Mediawiki 系統中的 Special:Export 這個特殊頁面裏,按 export 鍵即可將 wiki 網站上的資料以 xml 方式輸出(或稱「備份」)。

(MediaWiki) Export all the page names on your wiki.

Inspired by planetoid.

This script is especially written for the special page called “Special:Export" to export all your pages in the XML format. You can copy this php script to the root directory of your Mediawiki-powered website. Visit this script in your browser and you can see all the page names listed. Copy the exported (listed) page names to the “Special:Export" page on your wiki (Mediawiki-powered) and then click the “export" button to export all the data of your wiki in the XML format.

This script is modified by me, the administrator of TESOL Taiwan Wiki. Please excuse my bad coding. 🙂

Modified from Google Sitemaps generation. v0.3

Please download the script here. Rename the file as “list.php" and then put this file in the root directory of your wiki.

References /參考:
* MediaWiki:Google Sitemaps
* MediaWiki backup


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