A Love Letter (2002)

   Though it seems strange and odd for those people who know I tried to write this love letter down, I still have the impulse to write, and send this to you.  And because I dare not to give this to you directly, just like any other lovers who fall in love for the first time, I choose this conservative way to express my love for you.  People would define 'love letters' in other ways and say this would not be a proper way to show this to you.  Nonetheless, in order to show my emotion for you in more details, I would take this kind of expression to let you know how much I love you.
   Would you be pleased to receive this?  I don't know, but I hope so.  All I know is that though you are far away from me, I can feel your love awaken me like soft birds' voices every morning.  You are like sun that shines my world.  You are like a gentle wind that dried my sweat.  You are like an umbrella that prevents me from a heavy rain. And you are like a treasure that keeps me from being poor in soul.  You prepared me everything to face any difficulties in my life.  But all you needed from me is love!  So, why shouldn't I write down these emotional words to warm your heart?
   Roses wouldn't be enough to show my feeling.  Since all you need is love, I would seal this carefully with all my passion.  And I hope this passion would ease the pain in your body.  You are sick and living in that far city.  Sorry, I can't be with you.  You always say,'don't worry about my body.  I can handle it.  If you are challenging your studies and work, try not to return home to see this useless old body.  Focus on other more important things but not me.'
   Yes, my gentle father.  I'll follow what you say.  Lovers deserve love letters.  We indeed love each other, so who else would say you don't have the right to read my love letter?  I just want to speak out all my love to you through this silent way, hoping this would be a therapy for both of us, for not only my sorrow, but for your health.



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